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Here you'll find answers to most questions that you ask, we would be happy to serve you better, we are at your disposal if you need additional information.

- What is exchange ?

How to order ?
You can directly order your part using payment by CB, Bank transfer or by sending a check. For this choose your injector or your products and follow the instructions. Shipping by Colissimo, Chronopost international or TNT Express. For prices and delivery times click here.

What i exchange ?
A  exchange as its name suggests is an exchange of your old unit against another part completely reconditioned and tested refurbished. exchange allows you to enjoy a much more interesting than the purchase price of a new part.

In a typical exchange, your old unit must be returned in good condition. But we ask you to check the part so that the instruction is accepted, we can deny the validity of the set for the following reasons: shock, part of damaged or broken, incomplete or disassembled part, rust and corrosion important part.

What is refund surcharge ?
The refund surcharge is the value of the used part you need to pay when buying a remanufactured part. The deposit is to be made with exactly the same reference as the new part and without external damage without it being in parts. In a purchase WITHOUT point, we expect your parts to make the expedition. When you opt for the purchase of spare WITH refund suurcharhe, we send you your first package. 

Upon receipt you can carefully pack the part or parts to be returned in the same package that was used to send your items and mail the package in a post office (get your proof of mailing stamped this if future problems with post and proving that you have posted your package). 

We urge you to send your package by registered or signed and confidently to a value at least equal to the refund surcharge (this in case of loss of the package by your carrier). This refund surcharge is refunded receive your old unit by check within 15 days. When buying new parts there is no point.

How do i return my old parts ?
Pack your items carefully in the original carton to make your return set. The return is made by you at your expense. You must send your properly packed to the following address parts:

1 rue des frères lumières 

The recovery of the deposit is made by check, Paypal or Bankwire within 15 days.

Important: You must attach to the inside of the package the return document and duplicate invoice. These 2 document are available on footer in eache page of the website. Incomplete packages will be pending further information. The deadline for administrative processing of returns is 10 business days to receive your parcel.

How does the warranty process ?

The parts are guaranteed for 12 months and must be installed by a professional, supporting invoice. Contact by phone before you confirm the steps of the guarantee. Dice telephone agreement, send your parts properly packed using the return form available on the website on footer section.

- Number of order or invoice
- Invoice of professional (auto mechanician)
- Copy of the detailed Invoice changed along with the piece parts.
- Copy of the proceedings for winding the authorized dealer.
- This last paragraph applies to garages and individuals.

For the particular case of common rail injectors, you must ensure that your injection pump is not defective because it deteriorates the injectors. The injectors then contain filings. This is easily verifiable ties when removing injectors. The warranty is only valid in case of faulty injection pumps.

Upon receipt of these items, the after sales service will appraise the document in question to the supplier. In the event of a company attributable to the FSA disaster, it will be provided to replace the defective part within a reasonable time without a delay could generate damages.

Mounting of injectors 

There are certain precautions when installing your injectors. The high pressure common rail injection system uses high precision component. These operate in extreme conditions with pressures above 1200 bars and a temperature above 100 ° C. The system regulates the exact amount of fuel sent into the injectors through pinholes in very short injection times. All these make the balance of the system is related to the quality of all the components and assembly of the whole.


- Obviously essential stop the engine before performing any work on the injection system;
- Wait about 15 minutes after the engine has stopped to intervene
- Put the environment close to the vehicle free from dust that can enter the fuel injection system;
- Disassembly and reassembly should be performed according to the manufacturer's instructions (set-winding torque to respect ...).
- Do not tap on the head of the injectors during their disassembly, instead use a penetrating oil or a special tool to remove the injector.
- Remember to remove the seal that may be at the bottom
- Once the injector out, remember to protect the tip and rub down the open parts of it (the arrival and return of diesel)
- Before reassembling your injector remember to check the cleanliness of the injector well.
- Remove the caps protecting the injectors at the last minute this will prevent dirt to get into it ..
- Consider changing the fuel filter, blow the injector tubes and check the cleanliness of the fuel (the presence of water impurity). If any doubt is felt, do not hesitate to empty the tank.
- Gas oil happens to the injection pump and injectors must be clean, purge the injectors (before operating the starter block the injector pipes to remove the air).
- Lock the injector pipes and start.

What that iron filings?

Iron dust is produced by a faulty fuel pump, these sometimes microscopic metal particles visible to the naked eye but not always rush into every corner and damage injectors due to the high pressure at which they are sent to injectors.

Be sure to change your fuel filter because in case of filings, your filter no longer plays its role of blocking impurities. Sometimes according to manufacturers, it is highly recommended by the manufacturers to perform the following work in order to have a circuit of clean diesel:

- Change or draining fuel tank according to manufacturer recommendations.
- Changed all the pipes of the fuel (supply and return).
- Change fuel pump.
- Change the fuel filter.
- Changing the injection pump.
- Changing the full rail.
- Changed all HP tubes.
- Change the injectors.

The filter and injection pumps shall not be capable of filings or you may return filings to the injectors.

The guarantee is not taken into account in case filings into your injectors.